BELLWETHER: A podcast of speculative journalism

Kickstarter fundraising video, 2019

In July 2019, Sam Greenspan (99% Invisible, The City) launched a crowdfunding campaign for his new speculative journalism podcast Bellwether. It’s an unprecedented mashup of reporting and sci-fi that strikes a poignant note that I think only Sam could really pull off. We made this chill, lo-fi, vaporwave-y Kickstarter video outside of dystopian Lancaster, CA, in May 2019. In an effort to #breakkickstarter, the goal was to get 1000 backers instead of a specific project budget.

Director/Producer/Editor: Jacki Huntington

Written and recorded by Sam Greenspan

Camera: Jacki Huntington, Myrna Perez

Art Direction: Ellen Connaughton

Music: Beaunoise

Additional graphics: Liam Clisham

Show and tape logo designed by Helen Shewolfe Tseng