Nadia Ali (2016, 2018)

Read and view on Refinery29: “Muslim Adult Performer Nadia Ali On Reconciling Her Job With Her Religion”

Onai Malik, who performs as Nadia Ali, is a practicing Muslim who has worked in the adult entertainment industry. She discusses the conflicts between her faith and her profession. This video was produced for a Refinery29 series called Get Real, which featured women discussing their own body image and its impact on their worldview.

Producer, DP: Jacki Huntington
Editors: Jacki Huntington and Raffi Asdourian

Full story on Refinery29, published on July 29, 2016

“Why I am Leaving the Adulty Industry”

A follow up to this video was published in September 2018 after Onai Malik started her own beauty salon business and began exiting the adult entertainment industry.

Producer, DP: Jacki Huntington
Additonal camera: Sarah Anderson
AP: Emily Daniel
Editor: Rikki Alvarez